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Gamers vs. Depression Receives Funding from Movember

About Gamers vs. Depression

Gamers vs. Depression is a global mental health project that uses esports to teach gamers about the importance of mental health, self-care, and social connections.

Launched this week, Gamers vs Depression is aiming to establish whether esports can be used as a vehicle to deliver depression literacy programmes to gamers around the world.

Gamers vs Depression founder, Dr John Mills said “We want to equip gamers with the knowledge and skills around mental health disorders so they can better support each other.”

The organisation is currently conducting a closed beta test of its programme and looking for around 200 volunteers to give feedback.

In addition to their depression literacy programme, Gamers vs. Depression also provide access to resources to improve gaming performance, improve sleep hygiene, create positive exercise routines, maintain a nutritious diet, as well as a parents guide to supporting gamers.

“Thanks to Movember, everything is free to access” says Dr Mills. “At Gamers vs. Depression, we don’t believe in monetising people’s mental health”.