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Gaming and Social Support

In recent years, social support has become more important than ever. Studies have revealed that social isolation and loneliness are associated with greater risk of poor mental health, as well as other health-related issues.

Video gaming is a unique and effective tool for bringing people together, the shared interest in games creates the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with someone new. The environment and dynamics of the game itself encourage acts of informational and instrumental support, which can progress into legitimate companionships being formed, leading to an increase in social network support. As the friendship blooms beyond the confines of the game, emotional and esteem support begin to appear.

For years video games have been negatively portrayed by the mainstream media, but through academic research, and the ever growing popularity of gaming, the narrative is starting to crumble. Social support is just one of the many benefits gaming has to offer in regard to improving the mental wellbeing of yourself and others.